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I have never been a girl to get wrapped up in her ambitions. Not to say that I wasn’t ambitious as a kid, but I knew those goals were lofty and unrealistic. ¬†I did want to go to the moon though, and become President, and be a lawyer. ¬†But most of those goals were formed because I thought I wanted to make a lot of money. ¬†And now, by the grace of God, I don’t care all that much about money. ¬†Of course, I want to be able to survive but the excess stuff I don’t need.

Ok back to the story:

When I became a Christian, my dad was hard on me. ¬†He thought I was basically giving my whole life away for a cause that he didn’t find worthy. ¬†He did the same thing with Seth; the idea of getting married young is repulsive to him. ¬†His exact words were, “But don’t you have any dreams?”

A lot of people would like to say that they define success by happiness. ¬†But usually what they’re really saying is happiness comes by how much money you make. ¬†You get where I’m going right?

Dreams + acting on those dreams = success = money. I’m not buyin’ it. ¬†No pun intended.

To be honest I had to think about it, as a teen I never thought that far into the future about what my life would look like and when I met Seth, all I knew or cared for that matter about the future was that he was going to be in it.

Sorry Dad, I don’t want to be an astronaut, I don’t want to be a lawyer, and I really don’t want to be President…and P.S I had those dreams when I was 6 so they don’t really count anymore. ¬†When I chose my college major he was similarly unimpressed.

That’s why I’m thankful for ¬†a support system outside my family. Having a body of believers as a second family of love and support is immeasurably awesome.

So this dream, that I got you all excited about but haven’t really discussed yet, is really just a dream and has nothing to do with my college degree at all. And it probably won’t make me very much money either.

Here goes: What if I was one of those quirky ladies at Art & Wine Festivals with my fanny pack selling kids hair ribbons and accessories?

Wow, that sounded a whole lot better in my head.

But seriously, with a cute little setup and a catchy name…that could be really fun! I could even wear my pants high up like this to show case my fanny pack:

I. Cant. Wait.

After all this crafting I’ve been doing lately, it would be nice if it would go to little girls who enjoy them as much as I do. ¬†Aka I bypass the fashion law that says you’re not supposed to wear children’s headbands in your twenties, all the time. Right now I’m picturing an adorable little booth where girls can come in and try on all their favorites and where there moms don’t have to feel like everything is overpriced. Cause seriously people, craft stuff aint that expensive. ¬†Scrapbook stuff yes, craft stuff not so much.

Maybe for this year I’ll stick to scoping out the goods at the festivals and then next year I’ll make my big debut. ¬†Fanny pack included. And I’ll probably be wearing a kids headband too.

Heres what I have made lately:

Maybe if I don’t get in to seminary this is what I’ll do.

Just kidding.


This week has been a week of celebration. ¬†Those celebrations called for celebration cupcakes. ¬†Those celebration cupcakes…don’t really count, right? I know I said I would try to have only one sweet a week, but I decided to give myself a break since the agony of our nightmare on Elm Street is finally over and Cindy got Sprinkles Cupcakes to celebrate. So despite the deliciousness of Red Velvet and Chocolate Peanut Butter…I am pretending I didn’t eat them for the sake of this blog post!

This week I decided to try Specialties again. ¬†It’s so nice that it is close to my job and it takes less than 5 minutes to get to work! ¬†I got a hot turkey pesto sandwich for lunch which is my new favorite sandwich. ¬†You guys really need to try it, I feel like it changed my life. For dessert I decided on the Peanut Butter Cup Brownie. ¬†This special treat was baked cup form with a one little peanut on top.

At first I was going to cut it in half and share…but when I took the first bite I decided that wasn’t going to be possible. ¬†It was delicious! ¬†The inside of the cup (where the peanut butter was) wasn’t runny or goopy like one would imagine; it had the same consistency of the rest of the brownie and tasted perfectly of peanut butter (none of that over processed stuff). ¬†The single peanut on top was the perfect addition and added a little hint of salt to the treat.

I’d give this treat a 4/5. ¬†It was a little dry and I felt like I needed a glass of milk after. ¬†On the other hand it was the perfect size, and I didn’t feel hungry after or wanting more chocolate! I would highly recommend trying this brownie if you need a chocolate/peanut butter fix!

10 Confessions

1. I have an irrational fear of water. ¬†Many people like to think that something traumatic happened to me as a child that made me scared of it. ¬†To be honest, I don’t really know why I am so scared, I know it’s a combination of things. ¬†But put me in a lake, river, or ocean and you’ve got a hyperventilating mess of a lady. ¬†I even struggle watching movies that have underwater scenes.

2. I love Winnie the Pooh. ¬†This isn’t really a confession because most of you already know that. ¬†I love Winnie the Pooh for many reasons, mostly because my Grandma Dowse and I shared a special bond over the little yellow bear. ¬†We didn’t get to spend much time together since we lived so far apart but she would always send me something Winnie the Pooh themed for Christmas; the last thing I received before she passed was a pillow with the same bear that I have tattooed on my wrist. ¬†Also, he’s just a wholesome little guy — I miss the old days when cartoons taught good values and life skills. ¬†Also, he’s just so darn cute; who couldn’t love a little bear whose clumsy and will do anything to eat honey?

3. I’m a nerd. ¬†A history nerd. ¬†Most people cringe when they hear that I love the history channel, but seriously, it’s the best channel to watch. ¬†I think that understanding history helps you better understand people. ¬†There’s also so much wisdom to be found in the study of history.

4. I love old people. ¬†This probably contributes to my love of history. ¬†But honestly, I melt when I see an old man. ¬†Most girls my age would melt at the sight of a six-pack abs on an Abercrombie model, but no, I’d much rather see an old man reading a book or drinking a cup of coffee. ¬†I loved my Grandpa Bill deeply. ¬†We shared a special bond as I was his youngest grandchild and he was my only Grandpa.

5. I hate cheese. ¬†I know, I know, “how could I hate cheese.” ¬†It stinks, it came from mold, and it tastes yucky. ¬†Some would say that I’m handicapped for this fact, like I am somehow missing out on life for not eating cheese. ¬†I consider myself lucky though, I save a lot of calories that can be used on something tastier!

6. ¬†I kind of wish I had a cute baby to blog about. ¬†They say the cutest things, wear the cutest things, make the cutest noises…they make the cutest blog posts. ¬†One day, Lord willing, I will have a cute baby or babies to blog about, but for now I am content knowing that God in His timing will lead me (us) down that marriage path when we’re ready.

7. I sleep twitch. ¬†It’s perfectly normal, but sometimes freaks people out if they happen to be sharing a bed or couch with me. ¬†I remember in high school my friend Jane shaking me awake because she thought I was having a seizure. ¬†People who sleep twitch just have nerves working in their body after they fall asleep.

8. I have obnoxious hiccups. ¬†Like, really obnoxious. ¬†They make people laugh out loud, people I don’t even know. ¬†When I lived in Seattle people would stop me in the streets with their remedies. ¬†I don’t exaggerate them at all, my body is just fully involved in every hiccup I have. ¬†It’s ridiculous and pretty embarrassing, but at the end of the day…what can ya do?

9. I hate loud noises. ¬†I’m like a 4 year old when a train goes by and have to plug my ears. Good thing I live right on the train tracks. It’s pretty wimpy.

10. I’m a medical mess. ¬†I’m always sick or there is somewhere on my body that hurts. ¬†Usually it’s my mysterious stomach which none of 5 doctors has been able to diagnose properly. ¬†Other days its my hips or knees which I destroyed with 10 years of figure skating. ¬†Other days it’s my skin with eczema and seborrhea. ¬†Good thing my mom is a doctor or I would be making a trip to the doctor once a week. This week its strepp throat, what a joy. ¬†Can’t wait for new bodies in heaven!



The last few weeks have been crazy! I’d like to share a few snapshots of some of the silly things I encountered.

Friday afternoon I took the kids to see “Rango”. ¬†It was long and a little complex for the kids, but I think they liked it. ¬†Aren’t they the cutest? D is the kind of child Seth and I would love to have, especially Seth who throws a thumbs up in EVERY photo…and D just threw a thumbs up out of the blue here!

That evening Seth and I went to pick up a Papsan Chair for my new place.  Lets just say, it was a lot wider than we thought it would be.  This might just be the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened to Willis.  She was a champ though, no scratches!

Friday evening, Seth and I went to a comedy show called “Arabs Gone Wild”. ¬†No, there is no nakedness or crazy Arabs dancing like “Girls Gone Wild”. ¬†The comedians were FANTASTIC. ¬†If you ever want to get your laugh on, check out one of the many Comedy Clubs in San Francisco! ¬†I wish we could have taken pictures!

Saturday morning my Mom and I got to spend some time together, it is rare occurrence these days.  After being personally phoned about a Vera Bradley sale event we had no choice but to go! They were showcasing the four new summer prints, and gosh, they were CUTE! I was able to resist though, only $8 was spent on me!

Believe me people, it was hard to resist the cuteness.

The same store also has some other really fun things. ¬†As we browsed the shelves I came across some Winnie The Pooh collectors stuff. ¬†I’ll save the explanation for my obsession with Pooh for another day, just know that he’s my favorite character of all time. ¬†These were harder for me to resist than Vera! ¬†I’m hoping my mom got the hint and is reminded of those when shopping for graduation gifts ūüėČ

Among other random things in this store, I found something that I truly HAD to have.  *insert sarcasm here* I actually wanted to gag.

Really people? There were more, one of them in their first dance of President and First Lady. Yuck.

Cindy returned that evening with some yummy cupcakes. ¬†Perfect after a long day, it was a good excuse to celebrate our new home! Sprinkles cupcakes are fantastic. ¬†I’m kind of biased though, cupcakes are my weakness, they’re my “Woman’s Best Friend”.

Sunday came around and it was another busy day.  The Skeiger girls prepared to close up their ties at Elm Street with cleaning and spackling.  A visit from some friends made it more fun! Chipotle Sunday is also a favorite, especially when we actually eat IN Chipotle! The girls had a little bit of fun with the limited time gold foil.

And to top it all off, we now have a couch in our new home…now it really feels like home ūüôā

I hope you guys had a good weekend!

Ashley Parker is a very special and close friend. ¬†We met as floor-mates at our first year at SPU. ¬†We didn’t get to hang out much during the year; we were always busy and had made different friends. ¬†She remained someone I wanted to get to know, kind of a mystery to me! ¬†One of my favorite things about our floor, 2W for life, was life stories. ¬†Each week one of the girls would share their life story to anyone who wanted to come. ¬†Each story was different; some were about Jesus, some were about family, some were about heartbreak, some were about love. ¬†Ashley waited a long time to give her story, but I was thankful when she did. ¬†God has made a tough hand of cards into a beautiful story of adopted family and support. ¬†I love Ashley’s perspective on life, seeing everything as a part of God’s plan for good. ¬†Towards the end of the year, my two friends Ally and Melissa and I were looking for a fourth roommate. ¬†After a couple people had fallen through, I was reminded of Ashley. ¬†She seemed like an easy person to live with, her room was always clean and I never heard of her having any drama! ¬†One day I walked down to her room and just simply asked if she was interested; I was happy to hear that she didn’t have a clear plan of where she wanted to live the next year and a couple days later, she agreed to live with us! ¬†We were floored, and I was so excited to finally get a chance to get to know her.

The following year with Ash was a blast.  She shared a room with Melissa in our cozy apartment and we quickly became very close friends. We share a rare bond that which I am so thankful for, she is a sister in Christ whom I cherish so deeply.

I could spend hours telling you of our adventures in Seattle together. ¬†They might include drag shows, Kerry Park, Starbucks, nakedness, and chocolate peanut butter truffles. Of course, leaving Seattle was one of the hardest things to do with a friend like her. ¬†As we both worked and went to school full-time it has been hard to keep in touch as much as we have liked. ¬†So when Ash told me she planned to visit, I nearly cried. ¬†I hadn’t seen her since October 2010, so when she booked her flight, I really couldn’t contain my excitement! Ash had never been to Northern California. ¬†She had the typical palm trees and beach scene expectations; which is fine, were used to it right?!

Unfortunately, the rain followed her down here. ¬†It was a miserable time for weather, absolutely miserable. ¬†We still managed to have fun though. ¬†After her arrival on Saturday afternoon, I gave her a little tour of the Peninsula. ¬†The Peninsula is hard to explain to someone until they see it with their own eyes, she was surprised to see the closeness of the cities and the quick jump from rural city to mountainside as we traveled down the 280 back home. ¬†Our friend Cody was driving down that afternoon, so we excitingly awaited his arrival that evening! We all went to Chevy’s for some dinner and caught up on the events of the past year. ¬†We planned to go the breakfast the next morning before Cody and his friend Jordan left for Santa Barbara. ¬†The boys posed with their cute little rental car and we cherished the few hours we got ¬†to spend in California with each other!

After breakfast Ash and I headed to Hope Church.  She really enjoyed it! It was awesome for her to get to meet my church family.  After church we headed over to Half Moon Bay and up Highway 1.  We ended our scenic drive at the Golden Gate Bridge.  This was the one place Ash requested that we go, and I was happy to oblige.  The weather was still crummy, and after a quick break of sunshine we got rain dumped on us. We still enjoyed it nonetheless!

I wasn’t sure where to take he in San Francisco. ¬†I really wanted to avoid the typical touristy places, knowing that there were much more awesome places I could take her! ¬†I mentioned the Big Foot Discovery Museum to her, and to my surprise she was very curious. ¬†Despite the long drive down to Felton, CA I decided we should go for it. We took 101 home through San Francisco, Ashley loved the sites! What she loved even more were the city names, Los Gatos was her favorite. ¬†Growing up in Washington she isn’t exposed to the Spanish names that we Californians are!

The Big Foot Discovery Museum was one of the strangest places either of us had ever been in. The small house located off of Highway 9 was filled with footprints, video footage, and a strange Santa-esque man eager to share with us his proof of BigFoot.  Neither of us were convinced, but it was really interesting to say the least!  Our expectations were blown out of the water and we left a lot more curious than when we entered.

We had some extra time to waste in the Santa Cruz area so my next best plan was to go to the most amazing ice cream in the state of California, Marianne’s. If you haven’t tried their ice cream yet, you are seriously missing out. ¬†If you aren’t willing to drive that far, I think they sell it in various retail stores! Even in a little donut shop in Burlingame! ¬†Ash got pistachio and Kailua Crunch and I got Banana Walnut and Butter Brickle. We were both very happy customers. ¬†Ashley is half Mexican, and she was even more enthused by how many Mexicans Northern California has to offer. ¬†She got a few quick snapshots of them as we drove by, this again was very amusing to her. ¬†Don’t you love sharing the unique qualities of your area to people? Please enjoy the top left photo.

Our last few stops were for Geocaching. ¬†If you haven’t heard of it or tried it, now you’re really missing out. I’ll save the explanation for another day, check out the website if you’re curious! ¬†Ash and I were successful on 3 geocaches, and I got to see parts of Santa Cruz that I hadn’t seen yet!

After a long day on the road, we decided to head back to San Mateo.  The drive home was phenomenal.  Entering San Jose was the most fantastic rainbow we had ever laid eyes upon. I wish we could have captured more of it in photographs.  Imagine seeing every color in all its brightness and glory in a full ark of a rainbow, it was like seeing it right out heaven.  We concluded that it was a blessing of God, just like our friendship, and we marveled in the presence of such beauty.

I wish I could share with you the full magnificence!

After our long day, Ash and I had a lazy night in. ¬†Lacking a couch in my new apartment, we ate our take-out chicken wings on the floor, talking and laughing for almost an hour over a yummy dinner. ¬†We ended our evening with a few episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway? Easily my favorite show of all time, if you haven’t seen that then you are really really missing out. ¬†If you’re a night owl check it out on ABCfamily from 12:00-1:00 AM every weeknight.

I wish we had more time together. ¬†Monday went by quickly. ¬†We got up late, hung out with Natalie (see earlier post), ate yumi yogurt and In n Out, and then headed to the airport. ¬†In between those fun things, we got in a fender-bender on Hillsdale blvd. ¬†It was quite a day. ¬†I was sad for her to go, she had described this weekend as refreshing, and I would totally agree. Amidst a tough semester of work, school, and hard family stuff — Ash was a breath of fresh air. ¬†I look forward to seeing her in May when I go to visit her in Seattle.

Hope you enjoyed her in this post as much as I did! ūüôā

One of my best friends visited this past weekend. ¬†Ashley Parker is a beautiful, Jesus loving, loud and wonderful friend. She makes me laugh with her quirkiness and makes my heart happy when we can share deep things with one another. ¬†Her blog post is coming soon, but I thought I’d share where we went on Monday while I had to work.

Natalie is also a joy, I have her on Monday’s and Friday’s. ¬†We like to do fun things like geocache, eat cupcakes, get icecream, eat more cupcakes, and play games! ¬†I got Monday afternoon off with the other kids I babysit, but since I only have Natalie for an hour I thought I’d bring Ash along and we’d go out for a sweet treat.

Monday morning was a sleep-in day. ¬†Sleeping in for me is until 9. For Ash it’s until 11:30, which is ok by me! I love to hang out in the morning, slowly enjoying a cuppa-Joe and quiet time. ¬†By the time we left to pick up Natalie, we both hadn’t eaten lunch. ¬†We were ¬†both hungry for lunch, so I had the perfect place in mind. Vanilla Moon is a cute little bakery on Laurel Street in San Carlos. ¬†I love their food, their cupcakes, and their coffee. ¬†We picked up Natalie and easily found a parking spot on Laurel, I consider myself lucky for that spot because usually it’s impossible at lunch time! ¬†I ordered a chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts and Ash got a Caprese Sandwich, we both gobbled quickly, it was so yummy! Natalie picked a darling little cupcake, chocolate chip with cookie dough frosting and I picked the same in the normal size, it was delicious. ¬†The frosting tasted just like cookie dough, minus the risk of eating raw egg and the chocolate chip filling was to die for. ¬†Both even had a little mini cookie on top to enjoy! ¬†If anyone has ever told you that Vanilla Moon has dry cupcakes, I would give them a second try!

In addition to taking Ash to my favorite cupcake spot, I took her also to my favorite yogurt spot. ¬†Now, if you haven’t been to Yumi Yogurt and you’re from the Peninsula, then your life is REALLY sad. ¬†It is truly the best yogurt place in all of San Mateo County. Pros: variety, yumminess, and size. ¬†Cons: Cash only. ¬†I’ve tried other places and nowhere comes close to the quality of Yumi Yogurt’s yogurt! After getting in a car accident on our way there, Ash and I were a little shaken up. We were fine, my car was fine but we both were shaken up by the whole event. ¬†As we arrived, I suddenly remembered that it was cash only and we each only had 2 bucks. ¬†We decided to skip the ridiculous ATM fee and split. ¬†Their flavor special of the day included Banana Cream Pie, it tasted just like it sounds, delish. ¬†We also got coffee cream, a great compliment! ¬†Needless to say, Ash loved Yumi Yogurt and we both felt much calmer after leaving!


And just incase you were wondering…Willis is okay. ¬†Yes, my cars name is Willis. ¬†She just has a nice outline of the license plate of the big huge steel car that hit her. And a couple holes where the frame gets attached. ¬†No big. ¬†Daddy wants me to get it fixed, I figure it will probably happen again so what’s the rush?!